Welcome to the Black Hat Miniatures website.

We are the owners/distributors of the Coat D’arms paint range and sell the full paint range as well as Wargaming rulebooks and other accessories.

Retail enquiries are always welcomed for the Coat D’arms range, especially from retailers outside the UK.


We have sold all of our wargames ranges of figures to other companies and, as of 10th September 2018, no longer produce any wargaming figures.

We do still produce 54mm miniatures through our sister company Imperial Miniatures


The wargaming ranges are now with the following companies:

All 15mm / 18mm ranges have been sold to  Fighting15s

The 28mm Tales of the Dragon Kings range has been sold to Scotia Grendel

The WW1 fantasy Goblins and halflings are now owned by Macrocosm Miniatures

All the other 25/28mm ranges have been sold to Bridge Miniatures

The 54mm Little Wars Visited Range is now available through the Imperial Miniatures website

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