Super Shader

PAINTS_smallSuper Shader is a range of Acrylic Stains specifically designed for fast painting of whole armies over basic painting of single colours without highlights and shading. The Super Shader adds shadows and shading to the depths of the figure, bringing out the details.

There are three colours:

  • 420 Light Brown
  • 421 Dark Brown
  • 422 Black

Super Shader Examples

The following figures were undercoated white then washed over with Super Shader – they haven’t been varnished or retouched.

They are Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Black




Coat D’Arms Super Shader Demo.
(by Bruenor Odinson)

I’ve been asked to try out these new Super Shaders, and write up how they work, so here we go.
After a few practice runs to get the feel of how they run, sit and dry, I settled down to give them a proper go.

I found that undercoating in a light colour was best, I used grey, but white would work as well.
Stay away from black as it will just make the overall finish very dark.)


Paint the whole miniature completly, try to stay as neat as possible, as that will give you a better finished miniature.
Lighter colours/shades work the best, as they show better from under the washes.



Using a brush apply the shader all over the miniature, be fairly generous, but don’t drown the miniature.
Use the brush to remove any areas where it gathers/pools too much
In this picture and the following the shaders used from left to right are;
Light Brown, Dark Brown, and Black.
You can see that it looks fairly gunky and very shiney, don’t worry it will dry to look alot different.


Once dry you will see that it has shaded all the colours used on the mini, and has dried slighty glossy.
Now if you like the glossy look you can leave them here, and whack them on the gaming table and away you go.


Myself I prefer a matt finish, so I added the red eyes, and gave them a coat of matt varnish.



There you go, a very easy way to get many miniatures on the table without to much fuss.
These are very good also for those who find painting difficult or tiresome.
I do recommend them, and also recommend having a practice run on an old or spare mini to get the feel of them.