28JDA – 28mm Joan of Arc


This rather impressive model (the top of the pole is over 75mm high!) is designed to represent the Maid of Orleans (and as such would be suitable for a Burgundian army camp!), but can of course be used for any burning at the stake of young female prisoners you prefer… As a form of capital punishment, burning has a long history as a method favoured for crimes such as treason, heresy, and witchcraft and fell into disfavour among governments only in the late 18th century. The pack include a massive resin pyre in two parts and a matching pewter female figure chained to the stake, which are fairly generic and can be used for most historical periods. The upper part of the pyre can be used alone for a less imposing effect, and the figure itself has a standard size tag that will fit in all most common slotted base, should you prefer to base it separately. As such the figure would be perfectly suited for use as a captive in any scenario or pulp game! Like all our models this is a historically accurate reproduction with plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting and it's made of very tough POLYURETHANE.

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