FOG13 – Later Seleucid Starter Army


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This is the Rise of Rome Later Seleucid starter army.

It contain everything you need to get started: the correct mix of 15mm Gladiator Miniatures figures, MDF bases and all the camp elements required.

They just require painting!

This army contains the following elements:

3 x Commanders (HE38)
8 x Cataphracts (HE40)
4 x Horse Archers (HE41)
2 x Elephants (EQ8)
8 x Argyraspides (HE42)
16 x Phalanx (HE20)
6 x Thureophoroi (HE31)
8 x Archers (HE22)
8 x Slingers (HE21)


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