Horde of the Things 2.1


Hordes Of The Things Version 2.1 is the ultimate fast-play heroic fantasy wargame rule set for miniature figures. Using the successful DB rule system, but based on classical fantasy fiction rather than strict history, the rules have been proven in extensive competition use since 1991 and enjoy an international player base.

HOTT strikes just the right balance between humans and mythical creatures and conventional generalship and magic without letting unwanted complexity slow things down. The result is a fast, fun and challenging game that captures all the variety and adventure of fantasy battles.

As well as the complete set of rules, this edition features supplements on mass battles and multi-player campaign games, along with over one hundred example army lists suggesting fantasy armies from ancient Amazons to modern zombies.

Using any figure sizes from 6mm to 28mm, with HOTT you can recreate the battles of classical myth and legend, traditional folk tales and modern fantasy fiction. Or just go where your imagination takes you.

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