Have those samurai figures been collecting dust in your closet for some time now? Been looking for a good set of samurai warfare rules? Look no further, because Taiko! from Flagship Games will have you painting up your figures as fast as possible so that you can get them onto your miniature battlefield!

Written to recreate the battles of Sengoku era Japan, this ruleset is playable in two scale: 1:1 and 50:1. The former is great for recreating small, chaotic skirmishes like those you see in “The Seven Samurai” or the Zatoichi series. The 50:1 scale is ideal for larger battles, where thousands of men maneuver about the battlefield intent on taking as many heads as possible!

Taiko! is a complete ruleset, including rules for both scales of play, and army lists to organize your forces with. If you have any interest in wargaming samurai warfare, be sure to check out Taiko!

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