Dwarves in the Shattered Isles

DwarfOfficerDwarves have always been masters of engineering and construction, their great halls were wonders to behold and dwarven workmanship was always highly prized.This remains the case within The Shattered Isles, if someone can pay the price or has something that the dwarves want badly enough then they can get many dwarven artifacts. The dwarves are not fools though and they protect their most important and valuable discoveries with their lives and will go to any length to keep these out of the hands of others who would copy them – especially the orcs!

Dwarf explorers were some of the first to set out to explore new lands when the seas started to calm and travel between the island masses became possible. Charting many of the new land masses and making contact with the other survivors it was the dwaves that paved the way for the renewed contact between communities that had been split apart for centuries.
However, these new maps, lands and discoveries were not simply given away but traded and bartered by the dwarves, information became a form of currency and it was not until other races and peoples started to venture further out into the seas themselves that the true shape of the new world came to be known to all.

Today the dwarf explorers are still at the forefront of new discoveries, they push the known limits of the current world to North, South, East and West. Searching for new lands and people, always hoping to discover their fortunes.