Halflings in the Shattered Isles

Halflings are probably the most un-warlike race in The Shattered Isles. Quite content to get along with anyone and everyone they will happily mind their own business and get on with their own lives.

The halflings may possibly have gotten off more lightly than any of the other major races when the Great Disaster happened. Either through geographical location, fate or simply luck the main halfling settlements were spared the almost total devastation that others suffered. The destruction and loss of life was still great and it took a lot of hard work to put things back together, the community spirit that has always filled the halfling people was their strongest ally.

Life had almost got back to normal, the settlements beginning to resemble the way they used to and a sort of peaceful prosperity had once again descended. The seas still rtemained uncrossable and there was very limited contact with other enclaves of civilisation but on the whole there was enough pipe weed to go round and the halflings were content.


In time the world began to put itself back together, the seas become calmer and the separate races and colonies once again contacted each other and set out to chart the landscape of their changed world. It was now that bad luck caught up with the halfling people – they discovered gold, the richest goldfields ever seen.

The halfling lands became a magnet for every treasure seeker that could get into a boat and sail, every colony, nation and race wanted its share of these riches and the halflings had no hope. In no time at all their settlements were ravaged, land stolen, people resettled or simply killed. Many halflings chose to flee, taking what belongings they could they spread out throughout the Shattered Isles, setting up new homes wherever they could. Often unwanted and forced to move on or simply abused and exploited the halflings became a race without a home.

Communities set up their own militias in an effort to protect themselves – though never strong enough to fend off a determined foe they could at least save their homes and families from marauding bandits and raiders.

The halflings remain a dejected and downtrodden people. Blamed for any mishap or disaster – any woe that befalls a community is laid firmly at the door of the halflings and they have become the scapegoats of The Shattered Isles.

Only now are a few dedicated halflings taking matters into their own hands and starting to fight back…