Orcs in the Shattered Isles

The orcs suffered more than many when the lands were ravaged by the great disaster that came upon the world. Never having been particularly good at getting along with the other races or even other orcs for that matter the individual tribes struggled to survive in the bitterly harsh conditions.

Entire tribes died out, not only because they had no-one left to raid and plunder but because infighting over scarce resources split tribes into ever smaller groups. Finally it would simply be two orcs left fighting over the last scraps of meat – usually the meat would be the remains of the the third orc that was left…

Only the strongest orcs managed to survive, not simply by being bigger, stronger and more vicious than the rest – though that helped a lot – but also by being smarter.

Orcs have always had a clever streak which is admittedly pretty well hidden but when they put their minds to it they can create useful, well designed pieces of equipment – usually something that helps to kill people.

The Orcs in The Shattered Isles have developed their own black powder weapons, their own ships and have – surprisingly – managed to claw their way somewhere close to the top of the technological ladder. Only the Dwarves surpass them in technical know how – something that bugs the Hell out of both races equally.

Now that the seas are settling and The Shattered Isles are becomming more open and accessable the Orcs have a chance to expand and return to their old ways. More contact with other peoples and races means more chance for pillage and plunder.

Orc Buccaneers are a fearsome foe – scouring the seas for easy pickings in their galleys they are merciless when they capture a ship or raid a settlement. Those captives that are no use as slaves are simply killed out of hand. Powered by banks of slaves at the oars an orc galley can put on a burst of speed that can catch almost any ship – only a lucky captain with a fair wind can out run an orc galley long enough for the slaves begin to tire so that even the whips of their masters cant keep them going.